RMS Traffic Controller/Implement Traffic Management Plans -RPL Kit for Traffic Control Professionals

Traffic Controller/Implement Traffic Management Plans – combined RPL Kit

20 Students
Duration: 1 day
A statement of attainment

Traffic Control Training -- cost includes on site assessment in the Sydney Metro area


RIIWHS201D Work safely and follow WHS policies & work procedures

RIICOM201D Communicate in the workplace

RIIWHS205D Control traffic with a stop/slow bat

RIIWHS302D  Implement traffic management plans




This qualification is available for experienced traffic control professionals 24/7 and is specifically designed for operatives who can demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to manage traffic through and/or past a roadwork site, directing traffic with a stop/slow down bat or similar control device and who are required to setup Traffic Control Guidance Schemes (TCGSs) also known as Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) in accordance with approved Traffic Management Plans.




Participants will be required to complete a booking form prior to training.  On this form participants can indicate whether or not they require further assistance due to any LLN issues.  This is most important so that the trainer/assessor can implement any processes prior to the day’s training.


Eligibility for RPL


Participants must hold or have held within the last 6 months the appropriate traffic control qualifications and/or licences and it is essential for two reasons that you have access to on the job evidence. Firstly you will need to complete the third party report. This report will have to be endorsed by an appropriate third party, such as a supervisor or team leader who is able and willing to provide testimony as to your ability when undertaking the relevant traffic control duties. Secondly, the assessor will need to directly observe you in the workplace carrying out the appropriate traffic control duties.


RPL Evidence Gathering Process


Once we receive verification of payment you will be sent an RPL Toolkit via email that you will be required to complete in full. The RPL Kit has detailed instructions on what you need to do in order to satisfy the RPL process, however if you get confused or stuck you will be able to contact support staff who will be able to guide you.




When you have completed the RPL Kit you will have the option to return it to us by either email or post for assessment. This assessment process will take up to 10 days to complete. The assessor will them make arrangements to carry out a direct observation of you conducting the appropriate traffic control activities in your workplace. When the assessor has deemed you to be competent, Admire Workplace Safety will issue you with a statement of attainment and we will process your RMS Licence Cards which will be sent to your home address by post.


Learning Outcomes


  • Stop/direct road users using a stop/slow bat and understand stopping sight distances
  • Maintain traffic incident reports
  • Understand the Traffic Control Guidance Schemes (TCGSs) also known as Traffic Control Plan (TCPs) for the site
  • Assess and respond to changes in the environment, for example traffic volumes, weather conditions, road conditions, Work Health and Safety (WHS) and operational requirements
  • Carry out risk assessments for personal safety
  • Participate in toolbox talks (specific to traffic control)
  • Use communication methods and devices
  • Conform to traffic control policy and procedures




CPCCOHS1001A  Work safely in the construction industry (white card)

Current Drivers Licence – Red P’s acceptable

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