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RIIWHS205D Traffic Controller


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Duration: 1 day delivery
Upon successful completion of this course, applicants will receive a Statement of Completion on the day of training followed by a Statement of Attainment when all practical requirements have been met.

Traffic Controller

This course provides training for staff who are required to control traffic with a stop/slow bat. This course does not qualify a participant to set up or work with traffic control plans.



This qualification is for employees who manage traffic through and/or past a roadwork site, directing traffic with a stop/slow down bat or similar control device.




Participants will be required to complete a booking form prior to training.  On this form participants can indicate whether or not they require further assistance due to any LLN issues.  This is most important so that the trainer/assessor can implement any processes prior to the day’s training.


Delivery and Assessment Method


Training Day – All participants to attend pre-determined training day.  After the course induction the trainer/assessor will facilitate the participants through both theory and practical practice sessions.


Your trainer/assessor will be assessing you throughout the day and will form part of what we call a ‘portfolio of evidence’. This portfolio will then be the basis on which the assessor will make a summative assessment of your competence.


Post course work for New Entrants


The assessor needs to gather evidence from two separate workplace experiences. All participants will need to be directly observed in their workplace on at least one occasion undertaking appropriate traffic control activities.  Our preferred assessment practice is to observe you in your workplace on two occasions if it is practicable to do so, alternatively you can be given a Traffic Controller Logbook/Third Party Report at the training event. The Logbook/Third Party Report will need to be completed in the workplace. You will have 2 months to gather evidence from your relevant experiences in the workplace. This evidence will then form part of your ‘portfolio of evidence’. This portfolio will then be the basis on which the assessor will make a summative assessment of your competence.


Learning Outcomes


  • Stop/direct road users using a stop/slow bat and understand stopping sight distances
  • Maintain traffic incident reports
  • Understand the Traffic Control Guidance Schemes (TCGSs) also known as Traffic Control Plan (TCPs) for the site
  • Assess and respond to changes in the environment, for example traffic volumes, weather conditions, road conditions, Work Health and Safety (WHS) and operational requirements
  • Carry out risk assessments for personal safety
  • Participate in toolbox talks (specific to traffic control)
  • Use communication methods and devices
  • Conform to traffic control policy and procedures




CPCCOHS1001A  Work safely in the construction industry

Current Drivers Licence – Red P’s acceptable


Course duration


1 day + half day workplace assessment


Number of participants


Minimum            8

Maximum           16

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